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White soft bristle brushes for anti-stick surfaces, glassware and other soft surfaces. The kit includes 3 brushes including a 2" Stub Brush, a 4" Flat Brush and a 3 1/2" Domed Brush.  Also includes a carrier bag. 


CARE:  Brushes can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Dry metal hex shaft and apply cooking oil  to avoid rust. 


SKU: KS0011.002
  • My go-to for my glass cooktop, but the Medium Bristle Blue Brushes work as well. After cleaning with SAGE BRUSH Power Head and Flat Brush with cooktop cleaner, I wipe by hand with a paper towel. I can use my SAGE BRUSH Power Head with the LAMB’S WOOL Buffing Pad for a streak-free finish.

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