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Set includes includes a 3 1/2" hook and loop attachment base with hex shaft and 5 Lambs Wool buffing pads and net carrier bag. These buffing pads are generally more gentle and less aggressive than foam pads, and can be used to remove swirl marks and scratches and oxidation from painted item surfaces, cooktops, countertops, wood finishes, glass, car, boat, and stone.


CARE:  Buffing pads can be machine washed -- use the SAGE BRUSH net bag. Throw soiled buffing pads in the bag, then the bag in the washing machine.


SKU: KS0011.011
  • I use these buffing pads for a finishing touch on my cooktop and Stainless Steel appliances – no streaks! I also used these to do a final polish on my sterling silver after using my SAGE BRUSH POWER SCRUBBER with a Sage Brush sponge and silver polish.

    To clean:  SAGE BRUSH Net Packaging can be used as a laundering bag for Buffing Pads.  Place soiled Pads into the bag, then the bag into the washing machine.

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